November 27, 2020

Vlogmas is almost over! In December 2017, I made two Vlogmas videos so let’s see if I can’t break that record in ’18. In this video, we celebrate one of my favorite holiday traditions and see It’s A Wonderful Life at the Music Box Theater in Chicago!

If you’re a superfan, you’ll remember that we did the same thing last year, except that one had Reindeer Hair… and this year’s video has a song I don’t have the rights to.

We take the kids (and the camera) downtown Chicago to the Music Box theater for our annual Christmas tradition to see It’s A Wonderful life!

We meet for a quick drink at the Music Box lounge where we wait for Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa. Kevin and I take the girls to Candyality where they picked out whatever they wanted and headed into the theater to carrol and watch the film.

Afterward, we head to Marie’s Pizza & Liquors for some classic Chicago pizza!

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Bruce Etzcorn

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