September 28, 2020

Three Vloggers CRUSHING Vlogmas 2018


Vlogmas is daily vlogging leading up to Christmas. It was first created by Ingrid Nilsen in 2011 and has grown in popularity each and every year. It would seem that Vlogmas videos are everywhere in December so I thought I’d help point out the best of the best vloggers who are posting a video each day the month of December.


Alisha’s got one of the best intros of everyone on the list for and runs TWO successful vlogs on YouTube. Her vids are on her second channel and if you want to know her thought process behind the intro, it’s in the playlist above. Her Vlogmas is entertaining and we all love watching her do Christmasy things. The analog VCR queues are a nice touch, Alisha.

DK4L Vlogmas

DK4L is are the dynamic duo of Vlogmas and undisputed masters of style. Vlogmas for DK4L doesn’t feel much different than their daily vlogging efforts but they gave us a well-produced intro video to help us not notice. Why DK4L are on the list is because like Alisha, they’re running a second channel for Vlogmas and gaining three to four thousand subscribers a day which is absolutely incredible! Great job De’arra & Ken!

Lily Marston

What I love about Lily’s vlogs is that she doesn’t pretend that vlogging is easy. In fact, all the stress involved in DIY daily vlogging is more of an underlying theme for her channel and we get to tag along. Lilly is entertaining and has a great personality that keeps even the most mundane of tasks (like going to In-N-Out Burger) so damn fun!


So that’s who I’m paying attention to this Vlogmas. Who are you watching? Share your thoughts on my channel’s Discussion tab or on hit me up on twitter and tell me who I’m missing.

And if you’re a Content Creator, please share strategies for keeping vlog-life balance on my channel’s Discussion tab. I’m compiling a helpful guide and would love to highlight your strategies!

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