November 27, 2020

Watch Vince Neil’s Career-Ending Performance

So a long-time friend of mine tags me in a facebook post announcing that Vince Neil will be performing at Sideouts (a bar near his hometown) and asked me if I wanted to go. Hell yeah, I wanted to go! Are you kidding me? The lead singer for Motley Crue, Vince Neil, playing at a bar in Island Lake, Illinois ā€“ this I had to see. And where the hell is Island Lake?

Vince Neil puts on a show?

And boy I’m glad I went. I’m not sure exactly what I saw but it wasn’t what I was expecting. To be clear, I didn’t have very high expectations to begin with. I mean, it’s Vince Neil playing at a bar in Island Lake. I’ve lived in Illinois most of my life and I’ve never even heard of Island Lake so that tells you how important this show was to Vince ā€“ and it showed.

(Hey Tommy, check that out man)
(What, Vince, where?)
(Right there, man)
Hey baby, you wanna go to Island Lake? (Watch Vince Neil’s Career-Ending Performance)

Bruce Etzcorn

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