September 28, 2020

Top 5 Sources For YouTube Vlog Music

Top 5 Sources For Vlog Music

I’ve been asked more than a few times where I get the music from my family vlogs so I thought it might be best to share five of my favorite sources for royalty free music. If you’re here because you stumbled upon our YouTube Channel and wanted to know where the background music comes from then skip the video below and get to right to my list of free vlog music. For those of you who don’t know our vlog and came from a Google search watch this video.

As you see from the video, music is a significant driver of the story for our vlogs. Unlike other Dad vlogs that typically use words to describe what’s going to happen next, My style relies on visuals to keep interest and drive the viewer to the next scene. And that, my friends, requires an exhaustive audio library. So where do we get this endless supply of free vlog music?

5: YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has secured the creative commons licenses for a fantastic number of songs for your online video needs, giving you a treasure of music for free through the YouTube Audio Library. This is pure music for YouTube videos. In fact, the intended purpose for this library is to provide royalty free vlog music for YouTube.

The best part of using YouTube Audio Library’s music for vlogs is that these will always stay royalty free. You won’t have to worry about the artist or a third-party service change their licensing restrictions and serve you with a copyright notice. If you’re monetizing your vlog, this is extremely important for you. Most copyright notices mean that you don’t receive revenue or need to split revenue with the artist. But you won’t ever have to worry about that because YouTube has already factored that in and have agreements with artists on the YouTube Audio Library.

One drawback I find in using the YouTube Audio Library is that it’s not updated with new music as frequently as the other sources listed below. There’s an incredible selection, so it’s not going to be a problem, but if you’re like me and don’t like to use the same song more than once, then you might find this source to be challenging.

PRO TIP: The search for that perfect vlog background music can be exhausting, so start with “Otis McDonald” and “Gunnar Olsen.” They’re two of my favorite artists on YouTube’s Audio Libary.

4: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is where all the best creators are showcasing their music. So much so that Soundcloud’s Free Music selection of copyright free music for youtube is nearly endless! Most of SoundCloud is royalty free with the Creative Commons license, and you’re free to use the music for videos as long as you provide attribution (credit is given to the artist).

Because SoundCloud has so much music, searching for the “right song” can be somewhat of a challenge. I’ve spent countless hours listening to vlog music on SoundCloud, and the quest can be somewhat elusive. I’d suggest by starting with a curated SoundCloud list like Vlog Music No Copyright or Free Music For Vlogs.

PRO TIP: Use the filters “to use commercially” or “to modify commercially” filters to make it easier for you to find youtube royalty free music on SoundCloud. I made a video of this in action to help:

SoundCloud Commercial Filters


3: Free Music Archive

I struggled a bit putting this on the number three spot in this breakdown only because Free Music Archive doesn’t provide as many helpful tools to help collect copyright free music for YouTube. I struggle with creating a playlist and remembering why I thought that song would be excellent family travel vlog music… and I just don’t feel the quality is as good as SoundCloud. I know this is about Free Music Archive, but if they had SoundCloud’s visuals and the ability for users to comment on the parts of the songs people liked, I feel that this site would be perfect.

The Free Music Archive has a great selection, but you need to review their FAQ to free to use music before assuming you can use a song from their archive in your video.

PRO TIP: Free Music Archive’s website is exhaustive. I’d suggest starting with what’s popular and using the Charts Past Week link to see what others visitors might see as good vlog music.

2: Spotify

I love Spotify for their community. When I launch Spotify on my iPhone or Mac, I instantly feel that I’m in a beautifully curated world of fellow music lovers. What I love about Spotify is that they are continually bringing music to me, I never have to go further than two clicks to start listening to new music. Unlike other YouTube royalty free music services listed here, I don’t have to search for music, it comes to me. And I like that so much I pay for it.

Like SoundCloud, most artists publish their music on Spotify. And because Spotify has a great community of like-minded music lovers, you’ll find they’ve already found copyright free music for YouTube. Check out these curated playlists: YouTube Vlog Music and Chill Hop For YouTube.

PRO TIP: Connect with me on Spotify.

1: Epidemic Sound

This isn’t free, let’s just get that out of the way right now. But it is the best. Epidemic Sound has a great community of artists that are continually adding to the library. And you know their work because it’s been featured on professional YouTube vloggers such as Peter McKinnon, and family vloggers such as This Is How We Bingham (and many more).

Not only does Epidemic Sound have the best quality, the best selection of royalty free music, but they also have the best filtering system of any other service. If you’re like me, you already have an idea of what type of song you’re looking for, and Epidemic Sound makes it easy to drill right down to find the exact genre and mood you’re looking for. In seconds, you can drill down hundreds of songs into a handful based using the powerful filtering system.

Epidemic Sound Filters

And if you needed another reason, Epidemic Sound guarantees that all songs used in your music for youtube videos stay royalty free. They will never change the licensing for the songs you used while you subscribed to their service.


Free music for YouTube shouldn’t be hard to find, and I hope my list has helped you save some time searching for the best music for your vlog and start publishing. Have anything that isn’t on the list? I’d love to add them. Tweet your recommendations to me, and I’ll consider adding them.

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