September 28, 2020

Chicago winters tend to drag on. When your a parent of two girls (eight and six years old) who are starting to get Cabin Feaver, it just makes winter in Chicago seem endless. When you add to the equation that my wife hasn’t been on a vacation in over two years, it was clearly time for a family road trip!

Toni had heard of a resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin that wasn’t too expensive that was a few hours away from Manhattan, Il, our home base. We were looking a resort with a waterpark that was quick drive and wasn’t the Wisconsin Dells. We don’t have anything against Wisconsin Dells, we just wanted a more quiet, relaxing getaway to enjoy some quality family time. The Dell’s is much more grand experience which is the opposite of what we wanted this trip to be.

So we went online and checked out Blue Harbor Resort. The photos on their website made the place look great (even the stock photos) and the amenities were perfect for a weekend getaway (restaurant on-site, family-friendly lounge area, homemade ice cream, and fresh-brewed Starbucks for the morning). It looked like a perfect family weekend getaway spot, but I don’t do anything these days without reading reviews first.

So I opened a new tab, and typed, “Blue Harbor Resort Reviews” and things looked legit. Four stars across the different review networks – except Yelp. Yelp is a culture of negativity created by “Yelpers”. It used to be a great resource, but I don’t trust Yelp today. Google reviews are a better source of truth. But, I’m starting to ramble so I’ll tie this back up by stating, the reviews were good. And I even left my own four-star review of Blue Harbor Resort after staying there.

Places in this Vlog:

The Brat Stop

We stopped for lunch at The Brat Stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin (12304 75th St, Kenosha, WI 53142) because my next door neighbor had told us that it’s the “go to place just over the border”.  We actually passed the exit and had to turn around. I’m a big fan of dive bars and I could tell the minute I walked in (you can actually hear me say “oh yeah” when I walk through the doors) that I was going to like this place. The food was great (I had the cajun brat and my wife had the Brat Sampler) but what I was most intrigued with was the stage. This place has an arena-sized stage setup on the far corner of their restaurant and a full lineup of big named entertainment (mostly local cover bands) on the reg. I’ll need to go back the next time we make the trek to Wisconsin.

Acuity Insurance

I’m a sucker for Roadside America attractions and we swung past America’s Tallest Flagpole during the trip. It’s in front of Acuity Insurance company that’s 400-foot tall waving an American flag that’s 7,200 square feet! It’s huge and I wish the day was better to capture the size in full effect. I won’t go into much detail here because The American Legion has a great write up on the Worlds Largest Flagpole.

Blue Harbor Resort

Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (725 Blue Harbor Dr, Sheboygan, WI 53081) is a beautiful resort right on the edge of Lake Michigan. The downtown area of Sheboygan is beautiful (although a bit sparse… but it was winter) and we’re excited to go back in the summer. The water park was perfect for an eight and six year old. My kids stayed in the water park for over six hours one day! There was plenty to do at the resort and the town had so much to see and do. ProTip: Drive up Broughton Dr. similar to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Lake Michigan is on your right side and the left are beautiful homes that sport some of the most gorgeous views of lake-front real estate I’ve even seen.

3 Sheeps Brewing

At the end of the video, I shared an outtake from a bartender at 3 Sheeps Brewing (1837 North Ave, Sheboygan, WI 53083). I honestly didn’t know I was still recording while we she was telling us about one of the craziest drinking laws I’ve ever heard. You’ll have to watch the video to learn more about that.

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