October 21, 2020

Pearl Jam Wrigley Field… yeah, it rained – a lot! But Pearl Jam waited for the inclement weather to pass and played a hell of a show at Wrigley Field on August 20, 2018!

We arrived in downtown Chicago just before 7 pm and made our way to down the field to our seats, we got stopped by a security guard stating that due to inclement weather we had to get under the cover of the friendly confines. And not a minute too soon because as soon as we did, it started raining! We hung out, drank some overpriced beers and enjoyed each other’s company until we heard an announcement over the PA saying, “The rain has passed, head to your seats!” The crowd cheers, and we headed down to the field.

I’ve never been to a Pearl Jam show before. I was impressed at how amazing they sounded. The vocals were spot on to the recordings and the band was very tight. For a stadium show, this was one of the best sounding, even beating some of the other live shows that I’ve been to.

Check out Pearl Jam at Wrigley!

Bruce Etzcorn

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