October 21, 2020

Vlogmas is here! This video isn’t where you’ll learn who started Vlogmas (Ingrid Nilsen) or a list of best Vlogmas videos to watch (admittedly this one). It’s us getting ready for the Holiday season!

We put up a new Christmas tree (the one we purchased in Half Priced Christmas Trees episode 22) where I teach the art of putting on the branches quickly. Audrey didn’t help much, so I got to show her the art of cleaning up.

Snowstorm Bruce was on its way, so I decided to put up the Christmas lights and get the snowblower started. Starting the snowblower is more of an insurance policy – every time I start it before a big snow storm prediction, it never comes true. Call it superstition, but it always works.

That night we went to the Rialto Theater to see Miracle On 34th Street to start the holiday season off right!

Bruce Etzcorn

Bruce Etzcorn is blessed in life and love (and training to be better at both). VP of Operations @DealerInspire but my kids think I’m a youTuber.

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