“Goat yoga?” Now I’ve heard everything (or so I thought). We had a get together at my step-brother’s house and asked what everyone was doing for Mother’s Day weekend, which was just around the corner. “We’re going to Onalaska, Wisconsin for Goats Everywhere. They have something called goat yoga!” Kara said.

Now I had many questions. What the hell is goat yoga? What is Goats Everywhere? And where is Onalaska, Wisconsin?

Kara grabs her phone and pulls up the Rainbow Ridge Farms Facebook page for Goats Everywhere. “I liked the page because I thought the goats were cute,” she says. “but I never thought I’d actually go to this!”

Now, maybe it was the wine talking, but my wife chimes in and says “They’re so cute! The kids would love goat yoga! We’re going too! Let’s make it a family trip for Mother’s Day!” And just like that, we were headed to Goats Everywhere in Onalaska Wisconsin, a four-hour drive from Chicago.

We’re always looking for family travel ideas and this checked every box on our family travel checklist. But this time my stepbrother and his cousin were joining us on this adventure (or we were joining them, depending on how you look at it)!

What is Goat Yoga? And What Is Goats Everywhere?

Goats Everywhere is an annual event that is hosted by Rainbow Ridge Farms in Onalaska, Wisconsin to benefit the La Crosse County 4-H Goat Project. The farm has all kinds of goats (including baby goats) and designed family-friendly events where kids spend time with goats. The highlight of the day are goat yoga classes (complete with a yoga instructor) where goats interact with you while you do traditional yoga poses.

We arrived in Onalaska on Saturday afternoon, a day before the event and stayed in a hotel just outside of town. Onalaska is nested near the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota with beautiful Lake Onalaska separating the two states. While day one was mostly traveling, we checked into our hotel (the Hampton Inn) and walked across the street to Manny’s Cocina to celebrate (after all, it was Cinco de Mayo). After dinner, we headed to the Hampton Inn pool to let the kids have fun and burn off some of the energy from the day of travel.

On Sunday morning, we headed to La Crosse, Wisconsin. We heard of an old-fashioned ice cream shop that opens at 9am called The Pearl. We thought that would be an excellent breakfast for the kids… we did feed them from the Hampton Inn continental breakfast bar as well. When we arrived in La Crosse most of the streets were blocked off due to a bike race all through the downtown area. After ice cream sundaes, we walked around the downtown area for a bit (where I got pooped on by a bird!) and headed to Rainbow Ridge Farms.

Goats Everywhere Family Travel to Onalaska Wisconsin

The entire bill for the weekend of family travel was just under $350 (gas, hotel, food, extras) and we had such a great time. Onalaska and La Crosse Wisconsin are extremely family friendly and beautiful. Goats Everywhere was very well attended, my kids had a great time, and Rainbow Ridge did a great job ensuring the safety of kids and the goats. I’d highly recommend going to Goats Everywhere!

Places featured in this vlog:

Hampton Inn (308 Hampton Ct, Onalaska, WI 54650)
The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor (207 Pearl St, La Crosse, WI 54601)
Rainbow Ridge Farms (N5732 Hauser Rd, Onalaska, WI 54650)

Places we recommend but not in this vlog:

Two Beagles Brewpub (910 2nd Ave N, Onalaska, WI 54650)

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