October 21, 2020

It’s Father’s Day weekend! One of my favorite weekends, but not for the reasons you may think. Father’s Day is the weekend that I get to celebrate the ladies in my life who give me my motivation to work hard play hard. I describe this more in my guest-post on Hustle Mom Hustle.

This weekend starts with the kids wanting to get donuts for breakfast. They always ask, and I usually say no but this time I thought I could get a run in and get breakfast, so I said “yeah. Let’s do this!” So I laced up the running shoes, the girls got on their bikes, and off we went to the local bakery.

It was eighty-three degrees at eight a.m. and incredibly humid. It took all of five minutes for me to be drenched in sweat. Apparently, my pace isn’t very fast as I was told: “if I go any slower I’ll fall off my bike!” Armed with that motivation, I picked up the pace. The one thing that sucks about our quaint little farm town is that there are no sidewalks, so bike rides mean that we often have to share the road. That always scares me. With so many stories of distracted driving, I never feel comfortable that the approaching vehicle is paying attention. I’d prefer to ride on the opposite side of the street so I can see the oncoming traffic but that’s not the rules of the road. I’m often conflicted about what lesson to teach. Anyway, about halfway to the donut shop, we see my neighbor who tells me that he has donuts and to head to his house instead. I decline, and we get to the shop. Safely.

We couldn’t get back on the bikes right away because my youngest daughter had a tummy ache (probably from eating too fast). At nine a.m., it was ninety degrees – perfect time to start yard work! Doesn’t matter because it had to get done. Everything needs to be perfect for Father’s Day. I had everything done by two p.m, and we headed out to linner (lunch + dinner) then came home and watched The Goonies.

Father’s Day Sunday was finally here! I woke up early for a run and came home to a table full of cards and gifts from the girls. They “cooked” me a healthy breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and milk (mostly because they wanted it) and then got to work. I made sure the chemicals were just right in the pool, chilled wine, and seasoned the steaks. Everything was perfect.

Except for my choice of beer for the day. I grabbed Saugatuck Brewing’s Blueberry Lemonade Shandy. It sounded refreshing for a smoldering hot Sunday by the pool, but I couldn’t get behind it. It leaves you with this aftertaste that isn’t blueberry, isn’t lemon, and isn’t beer. It’s definitely got an identity crisis. I’m a hoppy IPA guy, so this is out of my norm, take that into account when choosing for yourself.

Bruce Etzcorn

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